A Mercedes-Benz Shop Near You, Always

CK Auto Exclusive has been in the Mercedes-Benz business for quite sometime, and for good reason. Centered right in the heart of Santa Rosa, we have always lent a helpful hand to the community and offered guidance to closer, trusted Mercedes-Benz shops if you need immediate service closer to you, that are always there when you need it.

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As a member of the Go Local, Sonoma County movement, not only do we support the community that we live in, but have built trusted relationships with wonderful people that have made it easy to work together and offer great services that other Mercedes-Benz shops just can't compete with.

As a Mercedes shop that has held down the Santa Rosa area for the last 30 years, it's safe to say that we've pretty much seen it all. Our talented staff stays current with all new Mercedes-Benz features and diagnostics, making newer model Mercedes-Benz cars our specialty, but because of our passion for the brand, you know that we can work on anything.


At CK Auto Exclusive, we pride ourselves on transparency. We are known to never over-sell services, and to always let you know what we've found, and what we're working with you. It's always your call – it is your car! We want you to feel safe, secure, and sure that we've solved your Mercedes-Benz service and maintenance issues.

If you just have questions about service lights on the dash, tire pressure, oil change frequency, or anything else about your Mercedes, don't hesitate to ask! CK Auto Exclusive is here to make your baby run like she did when you bought her, so don't wait.

Contact CK Auto Exclusive for your Mercedes-Benz needs, no matter what they. Searching for a ‘Mercedes Benz Dealer near me?' with to many results, and not enough information to make a decision? Take a peek through our website. See if we've answered your questions, and if not, talk to Paul (our owner), or one of our other stellar mechanics. We'll get you back on the road in no time.


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