A Brief History of the Mercedes Benz Emblem

CK Auto Exclusive knows Mercedes-Benz vehicles inside and out. We have been operating CK Auto Exclusive, our family owned and operated independent Mercedes-Benz repair and service center, since 1977. Our Mercedes mechanics keep Santa Rosa's vehicles looking fresh and driving smooth. One of the things that sets our shop apart from Mercedes dealerships and other independent service and repair centers is the relationship we have with our customers. We love sharing our knowledge with them, and it's a treat when they share their knowledge about Mercedes-Benz with us. Have you ever wondered what the history is behind the Mercedes Benz emblem?


Mercedes-Benz USA published a great video on YouTube describing how the Mercedes brand merged with the Benz brand and how the world-renowned three-pointed star was born. Following is that video and what was said in it. The video and the text following the video belong to Mercedes-Benz USA. We hope you enjoy!

“In 1872, a great German visionary casually marked a photo with a star. Many years later, this went on to become one of world's most famous brand marks. The three-pointed star of the Daimler Matawan Gazette shaft. It's three points initially represented three types of mobility: on land, on water, and in the air. The brand mark's most formative moment occurred in 1926. The pioneering companies Daimler and Benz merged. The face of the star was enclosed in a circle, and a brand mark was born. In the course of the following century, this brand mark went on to surpass itself. The star began its expansion from continent to continent, from an automotive art to body art, from a flag to fashion, from factory work to a work of art. The logo is more than just a brand. It appears as accessories, as a trophy, as a message. Under the sign of the star, records have been set up. Some enthusiasts have their own unique relationship with their star sign. Mercedes-Benz has been under this auspicious star since the very beginning, and what was once a minor brand mark now stands for so much more.”



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