Mercedes Benz Bay Area Specialists

CK Auto Exclusive is proud to say that we are a family owned and operated independent Mercedes-Benz Service & Repair center in Santa Rosa. We’ve been operating in this area since 1977. Our mechanics have provided outstanding service ever since we opened. We are the Mercedes Benz Bay Area specialists that you can trust. Our regular customers particularly value our honesty and quality workmanship.

Should I Drive My Mercedes to Santa Rosa for Service & Repair?

It’s a no-brainer for Santa Rosa and Sonoma County residents to take their Mercedes vehicles to a master tech, Paul Duckworth, at CK Auto Exclusive. Residents of the Bay Area south of Santa Rosa may wonder if it’s absolutely necessary to drive all the way to CK Auto to get exceptional service and repair work for their Mercedes. We think the testimonials of our customers who live outside of Santa Rosa speak for themselves.



Mercedes Benz Bay Area


As seen in the testimonials above, our customers are willing to drive to us from Sebastopol, Sonoma, Healdsburg, Redding, and Graton. These are just a few of the cities outside Santa Rosa where our customers live.

Mercedes Benz Bay Area Services

Okay, so now you know that people are willing to travel near and far to CK Auto for exceptional service and repair. If you do make the trip, which services does CK Auto Exclusive offer?

The pros at CK Auto Exclusive solve all Mercedes-Benz vehicle problems with remarkable care. Our trusted mechanics will never make you feel stupid for repairing a simple vehicle issue. It’s our job to handle all your Mercedes Benz Bay Area problems, big and small. Give us a call today, and we promise to never sell you anything you don’t need!