Mercedes Service Santa Rosa

The most important thing you will ever do for your Mercedes is to take it in to get its regular service. Regular maintenance on a vehicle is absolutely necessary to keep it running smoothly-and not to mention safely-over its lifetime. CK Auto specializes in Mercedes Service A and Service B and uses only the most advanced diagnostic technology to determine your vehicle's issues.


CK Auto Exclusive has been serving the residents of Santa Rosa since 1977. Our friendly, honest, and professional auto mechanics have all the knowledge and know-how to keep your Mercedes vehicle running years into the future. If you're a resident of Sonoma County and are looking for a Mercedes-Benz service and repair shop, look no further than CK Auto Exclusive.

We have extensive experience with new and used Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As a north bay local, we care about keeping your luxury vehicle serviced, maintained, repaired, tuned and more!

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