Electronic System Repair

As your Santa Rosa Mercedes-Benz mechanic, we know that the days of repairing Mercedes-Benz models the old-fashioned way with plain old tools is no longer the case. CK Auto Exclusive has been servicing the vehicles of Santa Rosa since 1977.

There have been so many changes in the industry in that time – including a multitude of technological advancements such as extremely complicated Mercedes-Benz electrical connections, interconnected Mercedes-Benz and Bosch computer systems, data busses, and even fiber optic links.

Just like our beloved Mercedes-Benz models, CK Auto has also changed quite a bit since 1977. Today's vehicles are basically computers on wheels and to properly service them requires equally complex diagnostic computers and master Mercedes-Benz technicians.

At CK Auto Exclusive our trained industry professionals use complex diagnostic computers that are integrated with Bosch repair databases to troubleshoot a variety of different issues that can cause your Mercedes-Benz not to run properly.

We believe that keeping up with innovations while remaining true to the old standards of service is the best way to provide excellent service and repairs to our customers and their Mercedes-Benz vehicles. If you are looking for electronic system repairs for a Mercedes-Benz, look no further than the experts at CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa.

We pride ourselves in our quick, friendly and thorough service. We will not offer you a service you do not need, and specialize in new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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Mercedes-Benz computer diagnostics to determine what the issue is and then fix it promptly.