Eco-Friendly Mercedes Service

Santa Rosa Mercedes owners have trusted CK Auto Exclusive to service and repair their cars since 1977. The Santa Rosa community puts their trust in us, because we do not compromise on the values that we use to run our shop. We apply integrity, hard work and social responsibility to our everyday operations. As part of our commitment to our community and the world at large, we’re proud to fix rough running cars and to use eco-friendly shop practices.

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What Is a Rough Running Car, and What Are Some Causes?

First, let’s define what it means for your car to idle. Your car idles when you start your engine and let it run without putting it into gear. Smooth idling occurs when your engine has a low and steady rate of revolutions.

Rough idling is when your engine’s rate of revolutions is unsteady. The RPM’s can rise and fall when the fuel and air feeding your engine are out of balance.

The emissions produced by one rough running car can be equal to the emissions of 100 properly running cars.

Possible causes of a rough idle include leaks, dirty fuel injectors, faulty spark plugs, wires and ignition coils, issues with the air filter, PCV valve, EGR valve and malfunctions with various sensors.

These issues can negatively impact the environment as well as the longevity of your vehicle.

How Does CK Auto Lend a Helping Hand to the Environment?

Our Master Mechanic, Paul Duckworth, and his well-trained team can diagnose the cause of your rough running car. We fix leaks and rough running cars every day. In doing so, we reduce harmful emissions to our breathable air.

When we repair oil, transmission, coolant and power steering fluid leaks, we reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that end up in our creeks and oceans. Reducing pollution helps to preserve plants, wildlife and clean drinking water.

When it comes to eco-friendly shop practices, we don’t cut any corners. We dispose of all damaged parts and vehicle fluids using industry best-practices.

When we fix freon leaks, we reduce the negative impact Santa Rosa’s cars have on global warming.

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