Mercedes Tires

At CK Auto Exclusive, we service Mercedes-Benz vehicles from grill to rear bumper and from sunroof to tire tread. When you drive a vehicle with the luxury and performance features that Mercedes offers, it’s necessary to examine, service and maintain all aspects of the vehicle on a set schedule. Our master mechanic, Paul Duckworth, and his team of Mercedes experts know how to keep your ride running smooth. Often overlooked, but critically important, are your Mercedes tires.


Mercedes tires graphicCK Auto Exclusive will never sell you anything we don’t think is necessary. If you take your Santa Rosa Benz to the big chain tire stores, is it any surprise that they want to sell you new tires? At CK Auto, we’ll give you an honest assessment of the condition of your tires. We perform the following tire-related services.

  • Mercedes Tread Assessment
  • 4MATIC® All-Wheel Drive Troubleshooting
  • Mercedes Tire Rotation
  • Mercedes Tire Replacement
  • Mercedes Tire Repair


Q: How often do I need new Mercedes-Benz tires?

A: The frequency of tire replacement depends on how you drive your vehicle. If you put hundreds of miles on your car each week with a long commute, you will need new tires sooner than someone who drives his or her Benz for the occasional joy ride.

Q: How often do I need to rotate my Mercedes-Benz tires?

A: This depends on if your model of Mercedes is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive / 4Matic. Your owner’s manual is a great resource for determining the baseline frequency of tire rotation needed for your model. Don’t have your manual? Bring your Benz into our shop, and we’ll write you a custom maintenance schedule based on your driving habits.

Q: What type of tires do I need for the terrain I’m driving on?

A: We in Santa Rosa often go for performance tires as we hug the road around the coast, but other options are available. Given our proximity to ski resorts in the California and Nevada mountains, it’s sometimes a good idea to switch out performance tires for winter or snow tires. The tires on your car should really be chosen based on the road conditions the car will drive in. If you plan to drive through a blizzard in a neighboring city or state, you’ll want to equip your vehicle with tires that can handle the challenge. We can help decide which tires are best for which trips.

Q: Is it okay to put non-Mercedes tires on my Mercedes?

A: While you can certainly drive a Mercedes with off-brand tires, consider how much thought Mercedes-Benz put into determining which tire will deliver optimum performance. Every set of tires chosen for every Mercedes model must pass rigorous tests in the following categories: tread life, acoustics, wet traction, dry traction, rolling resistance (fuel economy), stability, comfort, speed constraints and load capacity.


Have a tire question? We have a tire answer. We can also install brake pads, calipers, rims and anything else you might need.

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