Mercedes Check Engine Light

CK Auto Exclusive has the tools necessary to diagnose and repair whatever issue may be causing your check engine light to come on. We specialize in service and repair of newer Mercedes-Benz models and we have the diagnostic computers to do so. Our professional technicians can determine the cause of any problem your Mercedes vehicle has based on the information about your car’s performance and efficiency stored in the on-board computer.

We’ve been working on cars in Santa Rosa since before most cars even had a check engine light. We also know Mercedes-Benz vehicles inside and out. No matter what the issue is with your Mercedes, you can rest assured that our highly experienced technicians can and will resolve it in a timely manner.

We take pride in working on luxury vehicles and we also take pride in our customer service. When your Mercedes needs professional attention, give it the attention it deserves by contacting CK Auto Exclusive for your free repair estimate today.