Your Santa Rosa Mercedes Mechanic

CK Auto Exclusive in Santa Rosa has been Santa Rosa’s Mercedes mechanic since 1977. For more than 35 years CK Auto Exclusive has served the Santa Rosa area and its Mercedes needs, providing expert Mercedes service and repair.

We are dedicated to the residents of Sonoma County and specialize in virtually every year of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks – from classic Mercedes ...

Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light Repairs

Your commute to work just got a little more interesting, didn’t it? A check engine light on the dashboard isn’t a sight you’re happy to see, but it’s something that the experts at CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa know exactly how to repair.

A Mercedes-Benz check engine light can mean a variety of things. When the check engine light comes on in your ...

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Plans – Service A and B

Each and every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is unique. Depending on the class of Mercedes-Benz you own, your maintenance schedule will vary to ensure that your luxury vehicle will perform the same way it did when you first drove it off the lot.

Before choosing a Mercedes maintenance plan you should refer to your vehicle’s manual to guarantee ...

Six Generations of Ingenuity Mercedes-Benz S Class

The Mercedes-Benz S Class, or Sonderklasse (German for “special class,” abbrev. “S-Klasse”) is a series of leading luxury vehicles introduced to the industry in 1972 with the W116. Since 1972, the Mercedes-Benz S Class has been at the forefront of luxury car production.

The Mercedes-Benz S Class introduced the first seatbelt pretensioners (a device designed to ...

Brake Replacement In Your Mercedes-Benz

With the winter months fast approaching your brakes might very well be the most important tool for your safety this season. Regular maintenance aside, the brakes in your Mercedes-Benz must be checked every 30K or so, but this also depends on your driving style.

As most drivers know regular wear and tear is expected, but this ...

Santa Rosa Transmission Rebuild Mercedes-Benz

Transmissions. Your car needs one, you have to have regular maintenance on one, and when one fails it is catastrophic to your vehicle. At CK Auto Exclusive, we aim to take the nightmare out of a transmission rebuild for your Mercedes-Benz.

We always advocate regular maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz transmission to help prolong the life of ...

Mercedes Factory Scheduled Maintenance- 10,000 Miles

So you are a proud new Mercedes owner, enjoying your world-class ride mile after mile after mile… Wait can that be right? You’ve already hit 10,000 miles! Make sure you stay on top of your factory scheduled maintenance. CK Auto Exclusive is proud to offer service for all factory scheduled maintenance.

What we will check at your ...

Mercedes Owner and Happy Customer Testimonial

We appreciate our loyal customers and know that their referrals and testimonials speak louder than any advertising we can buy. Below is yet another testimonial from a satisfied Mercedes customer. When your Mercedes needs professional attention, give it the attention it deserves by contacting  CK Auto Exclusive today.

Bob F. – Healdsburg, CA

“I’m always satisfied with ...

Our testimonials speak for themselves!

We appreciate our loyal customers and know that their referrals and testimonials speak louder than any advertising we can buy. See some of our favorites below and come in to CK Automotive where we treat our customers and their Mercedes to the best service in Northern California!

Lisa L. – Santa Rosa, CA

“I purchased a Mercedes ...