Emission-Free Driving from Mercedes

For 2018,

the new, emission-free smart car from Mercedes-Benz has really got the shop talking.  The smart electric drive is standard-equipped with a Rearview Camera and Smartphone Voice recognition features.

What’s more? Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new paint color, Autumn Brown Metallic, and it will be available with a Sport Package option with 16-inch 8-Y-spoke wheels in black ...

Mercedes Plug-in Hybrid Takes a Page from Tesla

Longer range, more power, we have our eyes on the new Mercedes hybrid.

The third-generation hybrid transmission evolved on the basis of the 9G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission. The S-Class family growing, and the latest edition is something we’re really excited to try, the new-generation plug-in hybrid.

The Mercedes S560e has an approximate all-electric range of 25 miles. ...

The 2018 Mercedes S-Class

A Luxury Sedan That Packs Power and Torque

Because CK Auto Exclusive focuses mainly on new model Mercedes, we love keeping up with the latest and greatest in the Mercedes community. Keeping up with the new technology, upgrades safety features and horsepower is what we live for – because it’s a challenge.

Our team of authorized Mercedes ...

Testing ‘Intelligent World Drive’ on 5 Continents

Mercedes-Benz is really making their mark in 2018 – but it’s no surprise. Their innovative technology has been the driving force behind their brand for decades. We’ve been keeping up with the latest in self-driving Mercedes – and it looks like “Intelligent World Drive” will be tested on 5 continents.

5 continents in 5 months.

The vehicle ...

Say Goodbye to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

After almost forty years in the Mercedes family, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is starting to be phased out. The first model to go is the Mercedes-AMG G65. The G-Wagen has only received minor updates throughout its existence, mostly just to keep the tech fresh.

Compared to modern SUVs, crossovers, and competitors, the G65  has three locking differentials and a twin-turbo V12. To ...

Mercedes Engine Rebuilds Made Simple


Rebuilding a Mercedes Engine

Most people understand the process of rebuilding a Mercedes engine, but few know the reasons why an engine may need to be rebuilt or removed altogether. In many cases, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to part out your Mercedes than to fully rebuild the engine.

Like everything with moving parts, vehicle engines degrade over ...